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RMMI blends science with nature using aeroponic cultivation at our facility located in the County of Newell, Alberta, just south of Brooks. On a 7.4 acre property, the main building is 23,400 square feet and is expected to produce 8,200 kg of dry product or 1,800 liters of oil annually.

The property has potential to expand up to 330,000 square feet of equivalent cultivation area yielding 150,000 kg of dry product or 34,000 liters of oil annually.

Our team will employ leading commercially available science and technology to maximize production yields and product quality as a low-cost producer, while reducing risk to our crops and our business.

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RMMI’s approach to production is grounded in science and technology.

Our highly-trained production team is focused on exploiting the most advanced cultivation and extraction systems and processes available. Our skilled people and our scientific approach to production will provide the competitive advantages sought by our clients: large-chain distributors and retailers. Our equipment and production processes will be environmentally friendly while providing low-cost, high quality and high yield products. By employing science and technology, we will be able to recycle water and use less of it, be energy-efficient, substantially reduce production risks and minimize disposal issues. We can provide consistent, high-quality products tailored to our partners’ requirements.

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Rocky Mountain Marijuana supports the position that medical marijuana, like all other prescription medications, should not be subject to taxes.

Visit for more information and join the conversation on social media through #DontTaxMedicine.

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RMMI will employ aeroponic cultivation systems. These systems can easily yield up to 5 grow cycles annually, compared to 4 grow cycles using conventional methods. Aeroponics provides higher plant yields and substantially reduces the risk of disease, pests, and other elements that compromise plants.

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 Our sustainable approach will allow us to produce responsibly using environmentally-friendly systems and techniques while maintaining product consistency and quality. From cultivation to extraction, our sustainable practices will allow RMMI to offer reliable, long-term solutions to our partners.

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Our facility in the County of Newell, Alberta provides the capability for vertical cultivation, significantly increasing yield per square foot.

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Our commitment to producing safe, consistent products is a cornerstone of our program. By ensuring the safety and consistency of our products, we are able to offer excellent value and quality to customers.

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