Marijuana for the health conscious consumer

Published by: Mike Adams
Published: May 1, 2018
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An article recently published in Forbes discusses how health consicious consumers are viewing marijuana as a favorable alternative to alcohol, The negative health effects of alcohol have been long known. Repeated studies show the detriments to your health that both long term use and excessive short term use can have. As marijuana becomes legal across multiple states, we are seeing an increase in the health focused consumer putting down the bottle in favour of cannabis.

As more studies come out purporting the positive effects of marijuana medicinally, and that so far it is showing to not have as many detrimental health effects as alcohol and tobacco, the health conscious consumer is taking notice. Polls show that women, people over 50, and people with a salary over $50,000 are expressing interest in switching to marijuana from alcohol should it become legal recreationally in their state. This is a significant demographic.

The alcohol industry has been left largely unchallenged in the marketplace, and is recognizing that as marijuana gains traction, and could be possibly legalized federally within the next several years, that it will face a serious challenge. Some liquor companies, such as Constellation Brands, are jumping on board and working in Canada to develop a line of THC infused beverages. 

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