Mom of daughter with severe autism says cannabis therapy is 'heaven sent'

Author: Chris Glover
Published: December 11, 2017
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Several years ago, observational results began appearing regarding medical marijuana, and in particular CBD's effects on epilepy and seizures. Although no or limited testing had been done on this, the results were so tremendous from people's personal experiences, that pressure began to be placed on the medical community to more seriously regard CBD as a treatment or to conduct detailed studies to validate its use. We are now beginning to see a similar trend for those with severe autism. 

People who are turning to CBD oil for their loved ones with severe autism, often with violent outbursts, not only see drastic results, but see them almost immediately. In as quickly as 4 hours, patients demeanor seems to change completely as they become more docile, communicative, and cooperative. This could spell immense relief for patients and families who are living with this condition every day. 

Some members of the community are hesitant, or outright refusing, to embrace the potential of these results without medical studies to back them up. However others are embracing these results and, although they turn to it as a last resort to resolve highly violent or dangerous situations, they are saying that the results they are seeing supports its use for these cases.