RMMI will use aeroponic systems to cultivate cannabis. Aeroponics is free of pots and soil, a leading source of disease and pests. Aeroponic systems suspend a plant's roots in the air, allowing them to freely accept moisture and nutrients and absorb oxygen and CO2. RMMI will use an automated and programmed system which delivers moisture and nutrients directly to the roots, ensuring optimum exposure to the vital ingredients needed to flourish. Moisture that is not absorbed by the roots is recycled and re-filtered, vastly reducing the amount of water required during cultivation.

RMMI’s aeroponic systems will effectively and efficiently blend science with nature.

For more information on aeroponics and the equipment we use, please visit the AEssenseGrows YouTube channel to learn more.



RMMI's use of science and technology will create healthy, consistent, high-yield plants using customized moisture and nutrient programs, free of pesticides. Aeroponics will allow RMMI to monitor every aspect of the cultivation process, while reducing risks to the plants. 



Plants cultivated aeroponically grow quicker and produce higher yields compared to other cultivation systems. This not only means more product available on an ongoing basis, but one to two additional growing cycles annually. Finally, stackable aeroponic units allow us to make the most efficient use of our canopy space and increase our yield per square foot, resulting in more efficient land-use. 

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Marijuana plants grown using aeroponics are noticeably more consistent in height, fullness and THC/CBD content. Our automated aeroponic systems will allow superb control over the nutrients and moisture delivered to the plants, meaning plants receive precisely what is needed to maximize growth.

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Oxygen in the root zone is essential for healthy plant growth. Increased aeration stimulates growth and also increases exposure to CO2 required for photosynthesis. Additionally, roots are never exposed to soil which may contain harmful bacteria, mold or pests. Healthy roots enable a healthy, high-yield plant.


Extraction Process

RMMI will apply the same principles of employing science and technology in our extraction processes as we do in our cultivation processes. CO2 extraction has been proven to produce the purest and cleanest cannabis oils.