We received our license to produce industrial hemp in 2018, at our cultivation and production facility in the County of Newell, Alberta. We subsequently purchased our first train of aeroponics cultivation equipment from AEssence Corporation.  Our objective is to utilize industrial hemp, which is almost genetically identical to cannabis, to develop a detailed understanding of the use of our aeroponics equipment, to hone our standard operating procedures and fine-tune our quality assurance plan, in advance of receiving a license to produce cannabis under Health Canada’s Cannabis Act.

The program enables us to collect valuable information such as nutrient and pH requirements at different stages of growth, and work towards standardizing environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, lighting, electroconductivity of the nutrient-water mix, as well as other factors that will be directly transferable to cannabis cultivation.

Hemp Grow #1

Clone to harvest: 60 days

Hemp Grow #2

Clone to harvest: 31 days

Hemp Grow #3

Clone to harvest: Underway




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