RMMI approaches production by employing advanced science and technology.

Our facility processes and equipment will be ground-breaking in their capacity to limit risk and ensure safe, high-quality, consistent, and high-yield production.

Through RMMI’s work with the top innovators in aeroponics, we have learned of ways to make the most of our facility by using stackable cultivation systems. Stacking increases our capacity by up to two to three times without increasing the footprint of our facility.

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RMMI’s facility will employ vertical cultivation. This is a method of producing cannabis in vertically-stacked layers. This unique method of production uses indoor cultivation techniques and a controlled-environment. All elements of the RMMI process including lighting, moisture and nutrients, the pH of water, CO2 exposure, temperature and humidity will be monitored and controlled using advanced sensors and data management systems.

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Our facility and approach will facilitate simplicity when working with our plants. Roots are freely-suspended and not exposed to any kind of soil or aggregate matrix. This means that harvesting an individual plant can be done in a clean and efficient manner.

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RMMI’s facility is located in the County of Newell. Located near Brooks, Alberta, our property has immense expansion potential to meet growing demand. RMMI values its strong relationship with the County and the community. RMMI knows that the cannabis industry will be positive for Alberta and is positioning itself as an industry leader in the province and the country.

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RMMI’s property in Alberta has the capacity to significantly expand production. RMMI’s vertical approach allows for large cultivation operations using a much smaller building footprint. RMMI is continually searching for opportunities to expand operations and continue to meet the needs of our partners well into the future.